Academia students travel to Prague as part of the Erasmus+ Costabex Project

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a beautiful place to visit. Its rich cultural and historical background is reflected in its stunning architecture and colorful streets, while its lively atmosphere attracts tourists worldwide. Thanks to the support of VSŠ Academia and the Erasmus+ project Costabex, students Tamara Bogosavac and Tatiana Dieudonne were allowed to travel to […]

Training course update! – We are at the end of the pilot round!

We successfully ended the first series of training for outgoing students at CTU in Prague.

Students had a chance to hear and learn more about Stress management, Culture shock or Mental health. Participants could also experience several relaxation techniques, meet other fellows who are going abroad and share their stories.

Training sessions at CTU have already started!

The Czech Technical Unversity in Prague started a training program for outgoing students – a series of training that would ensure students’ preparedness in topics such as stress management of culture shock.