COSTABEX? It may sound mysterious. What does this abbreviation mean?

Complete Study Abroad Experience – International Mental Health Program is the name of our project which aims to increase the preparedness of students going abroad for their Erasmus. 

Through our project, we respond to the existence of mental health issues among students going abroad. Students learn how to deal with problems that may occur during their mobility. They work with their motivation, fears. They learn how to cope with stress through relaxation techniques. 

Our project has several outputs. Firstly we will build an educational program specifically several activities for students such as webinars, videos and presentations. 

Another result is this website, where we gather all information and materials about this project to ensure that all universities which wish to implement our program have all materials in one place. 

The next important output is the online counseling part. Students will get continuous support during their stay abroad to keep in mind the work-life balance. 

The last output is Handbook which will contain all instructions on how to implement this project step by step.