We successfully ended the first series of training for outgoing students at CTU in Prague.

Students had a chance to hear and learn more about Stress management, Culture shock or Mental health. Participants could also experience several relaxation techniques, meet other fellows who are going abroad and share their stories.

What’s next? Feedback part.

According to the feedback, 75 % participants evaluate our training as beneficial. As the number one they did mention a session about the Crisis situation and as a number two Stress management.

One student also shared that: “it really opened my eyes a little to see what kind of things/situation I’m probably going to deal with”.

Another student added: “now I know how to be prepared and what to be prepared for before I actually leave” or “ I have not heard about a Culture shock before the training so I am glad that I get to know more about it here before I go abroad”.

We also asked students to give us some advice on what to do better for the next round or if they miss something.

Here are some tips we got from them: