01. How to deal with strees: stress can be a friend

The first workshop of the first autumn series encourages us to raise awareness of what stress is. How stress occurs and how it affects our body. Since our project is mainly aimed at students going on ERASMUS+, we advise them on how to deal with the stress that precedes and may occur during the trip. Such as – knowing what I eat, exercising consciously, how vitamins can help, quality sleep and other tips that can help reduce stress during this challenging change in a student’s life.


You will learn

  • Identify your stressors
  • How to prevent chronic stress
  • Coping mechanisms

Plus points

  • You will create a mental health first aid kit
  • Learn basic breathing exercises



meditation audios

By mentally scanning yourself, become aware of each part of your body and notice any pain, tension or general discomfort.

Mindful eating means using all your physical and emotional senses to experience and enjoy the food choices you make. This helps increase appreciation for food, which can improve the overall eating experience.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is a deep relaxation technique used effectively to manage stress and anxiety, relieve insomnia and more.

Box breathing is a technique used to take slow, deep breaths. It can increase efficiency and concentration, while also being a powerful stress reliever. Also called four square breathing.