02. Culture Shock:
clash with reality

Culture shock or acculturation stress is caused by anxiety stemming from the loss of the familiar signs and symbols of social interaction.

Why do we experience it?

How does it manifest itself?

These and other questions will be answered at the workshop. You will learn how to take care of yourself and we will introduce mindfulness techniques that help as prevention, but also if the shock itself already occurs.

You will learn

  • Recognize the stages of acculturation stress
  • Minimize the effects of acculturation
  • How best to prepare for the trip and “fit in” in the new environment

Plus points

  • Setting goals using the SMART model
  • Mindfulness techniques (e.g. bodyscan)



meditation audios

By mentally scanning yourself, you bring awareness to every single part of your body, noticing any aches, pains, tension, or general discomfort.

Eating mindfully means that you are using all of your physical and emotional senses to experience and enjoy the food choices you make. This helps to increase gratitude for food, which can improve the overall eating experience.

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a deep relaxation technique that has been effectively used to control stress and anxiety, relieve insomnia and more.

Box breathing is a technique used when taking slow, deep breaths. It can heighten performance and concentration while also being a powerful stress reliever. It’s also called four-square breathing.